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By Sophocles. Adapted by Jane Montgomery Griffiths.





"Great, unforgiving theatre, that looks the horror of our times squarely in the face." ALISON CROGGON - ABC ARTS


Antigone has always been a respected member of her community but in civil war all bets are off. She suddenly finds herself on the outside looking in.


Everyone has a right to bury their dead. Everyone has a right to give their loved ones a dignified resting place. Yet when the community leaders decide that they need to set an example, they deny Antigone her right to mourn. Faced with the prospect of unresolved grief, she rebels against everything she knows. Her fate is mandated: either fall in line or be outcast forever.


directed by Adena Jacobs

adapted by Jane Montgomery Griffiths

set & costume designer: The Sisters Hayes

lighting designer: Paul Jackson

sound designer: Jethro Woodward

assistant director: Samara Hersch

stage manager: Jenn Taylor 

assistant stage manager: Harriet Gregory


​performed by Jane Montgomery Griffiths, Emily Miledge, Elizabeth Nabben, Aaron Orzech and Josh Price


produced by Malthouse Theatre 


"The grand rhetoric of a challenged and furious king is rewritten in the flabby banalities of contemporary politics...brave...remarkable..."



"We are left in the ruins of patriarchy, without gods, without justice. It is this dissolution of certainty, the dissolving of bodies corporeal and politic, that is the source of terror: the terror of the rebel who defies the laws of the city; the terror of the state, the torturer slyly obliterating the body in pain, destroying even language itself; the terror of the self undone by death. Somehow this production touches that source, leaving it open."







Photography by Pia Johnson

Trailer by Marty Jamieson

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